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Voices for Clean Air is an initiative of GASP and the American Lung Association in Alabama. Together, we're sharing the stories of those people whose lives are impacted by dirty air. Take a look around and please, share your story!

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Alabama has dirty air.

The Birmingham metro area, where 25 percent of Alabama's population lives, has infamously dirty air. Jefferson County, where Birmingham sits, fails American Lung Association's State of the Air report every year due to high levels of fine particulate pollution and the frequency of high-ozone days.

Telling your stories is just one way we're affecting positive change. So, what's your story?

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Voices for Clean Air is social.

We are excited about the myriad possibilities for change that come with sharing our personal stories. Please connect with us on social media and share the stories that come from this project.


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We invite anyone who has been affected by air pollution to share their experience. Through visual storytelling, your story will inspire our state’s leaders to take action to improve the state of our air.

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Latest Stories

Carla Johnson, Part 2

Carla Johnson grew up on a farm in small-town Alabama. After an untreated bout of pneumonia in her 20s, Carla’s lungs didn’t heal properly, leaving scarring behind. Now she suffers from a lung condition called bronchiectasis, which makes it difficult for her to be outdoors

The Green Family

Jonathan and Jana Green live and work in Birmingham, Ala. with their two children. Jana grew up in Goldwater, Ala. and later attended Samford University. Jonathan went to law school Samford, where the two would eventually meet. Their children both have asthma, a medical condition that is made worse by

Carla Johnson

I’ve always been very health conscious. I’ve exercised and tried to eat well and maintain my weight. But in my 30s I noticed I was having trouble running. It was my breathing that was slowing me down. I thought maybe I was just getting older. But, after it continued to get worse

Scotty Colson

Scotty Colson is a Birmingham, Alabama, native. An avid cyclist and devout UAB Blazer fan, Scotty also has chronic asthma. He is actively involved in the Birmingham community and is an advocate for social justice, poverty and mental health. Scotty is personally invested in healthy air for everyone who

Rev. Mark Johnston

Rev. Mark Johnston is a priest in the Episcopal Church and executive director of Camp McDowell. He helped found GASP and is the current board chair.

Rev. Johnston has long been an advocate for clean air, health and the environment, actively pursuing social justice issues in Alabama. In Winston County

Rob Burton

Rob Burton grew up outside New York City, an area known for its poor air quality. Rob also has Cystic Fibrosis, a life-threatening genetic disorder that affects lung function.

When he moved to Birmingham, Ala., to be closer to family, he investigated the air quality compared

Edward Bowser

Edward Bowser is a community engagement specialist with the Alabama Media Group. In his column on, he writes regularly about “agents of change” — folks who are doing work to make the Magic City a healthier, nicer and more compelling place to live. In his role as a voice

Clara Curtis

Clara Curtis lives in Sylacauga, Ala., and is the president of POET — Preserve Our Environment for Tomorrow. Several years ago she noticed that a plant in the area was emitting noxious odors. The pollution was making people, especially schoolchildren, sick.

Clara and other residents organized POET and began to

Harris and Cheri Stewart

Harris and Cheri Stewart met in Asheville, NC, and moved to Alabama a few years later — only to fall in love with Birmingham. They decided to stay and opened Trim Tab Brewing Co. earlier this year. Cheri was diagnosed with asthma after moving to Birmingham, though. She

Cheryl Brown and Lillie Doss Ford

Cheryl Brown and Lillie Doss Ford discuss the health effects of living in Collegeville, a neighborhood in Birmingham known for having severe air pollution.

Cheryl and Lillie are featured in the upcoming documentary short film, “Toxic City: Birmingham’s Dirty Secret.” In this clip, they share their


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